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About St. Croix Chiropractic Group in Oakdale

Get Better and Move Toward Wellness

Since 2001, St. Croix Chiropractic Group has been helping patients in Woodbury, Oakdale, and the surrounding communities find relief, maintain function, and lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

Chiropractic care is key in helping people recover quickly from accidents and injuries, and in finding the initial relief needed when in pain. It is also a helpful part of a lifestyle of wellness.

Not Just Pain Relief

We work to get you feeling better fast. We don’t prescribe lengthy care plans because we are skilled in producing quick results, and we see acute pain patients when they have a flare up.

The patients we do have as “regulars” have chosen a chiropractic lifestyle. They understand that prevention of injury and dysfunction in the body through proper care of your spine and nervous system is as important as prevention of cavities through brushing and flossing. We invite you to click around our website and dig into the educational materials available here. Or better yet, stop in for a visit and ask about how chiropractic care can add life to your years.

Different than the Rest

In our vast experience of getting patients out of pain, we have found that the most effective approach to a successful recovery is one where the patient is actively involved. When you invest in your recovery, you heal faster, better, and are less likely to have a recurrence or relapse.

We are here to help you to invest in your recovery by teaching you exercises you can do at home to support the care you receive in the office. We will give you handouts, make sure you understand the exercises, and follow up on your progress as we see you over the course of several visits. This training helps you to heal.

Wellness Care for You

We incorporate this approach into wellness care just the same. Patients who take an interest in improving their health and living proactively can see radical changes in their overall function – even beyond what they thought possible!

When you are under chiropractic care as a wellness patient at St. Croix Chiropractic Group, we will give you tools to take home just as we would if you had an injury.

Call (651) 735-1580 to make an appointment today, and see how you can begin living a healthier life. Ask about tools for healthy living, like our educational materials, instruction in stretching and exercise, and tips on healthy eating and lifestyle.