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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers. Take a look a few of the more common questions we hear and then call us if you have more. We’re happy to speak with you!

How much will this cost?

The cost of chiropractic care varies depending on what you want to get out of it. If you are looking for quick relief – we can help you in just a few visits. To maintain your spine after initial care, we typically recommend that you come in as you feel you need to. And patients who want to harness the power of chiropractic as a preventative tool in their overall wellness plan will want to factor regular visits into their budget as they see fit.

If you don’t have health insurance that covers chiropractic care, we offer an affordable wellness plan.

If you have health insurance, most plans cover chiropractic treatment. Please give us a call with your policy information for details on your coverage. We are in network with the following plans:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc.
  • Cigna
  • HealthPartners
  • Medica
  • Medicare
  • Medical Assistance/MinnesotaCare
  • Metropolitan Health Plan
  • Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)
  • Patient Choice
  • Preferred One
  • Select Care
  • UCare
  • UnitedHealthcare

Do I need to a referral from my Primary Care Provider?

No. Our doors are open to all new patients, with or without a referral. However, we do love patient referrals! Please feel free to send your friends and family our way.

Will I receive a chiropractic adjustment on the first visit?

Yes, except in cases where our examination indicates a spinal adjustment may be contraindicated. Our aim is to get you back at your life as quickly as possible. If you do need X-rays, we will refer you out to have them taken and we will adjust you as soon as we have reviewed your films and the radiology report.

Will I receive x-rays?

We will only require X-rays if we feel that we can not accurately diagnose your condition without them. This is rare and is generally reserved for cases where you’ve had a trauma or an accident.

Call us at (651) 735-1580 with any other questions, or to schedule an appointment today.