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What to Expect at St. Croix Chiropractic Group

New Patients

Who doesn’t want to save time? Before your first visit, please print our new patient forms from the links below and fill them out at your convenience. Don’t forget to bring them with you to your appointment, and if you have health insurance, which covers chiropractic care, bring your insurance card along as well.

Can’t print these on your own at home? No problem! We can help you in the office. Just make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to take care of this initial paperwork.

You can expect to be here for about 45 minutes total on your first visit.

Your First Visit

Once you arrive, our friendly staff will help you to feel right at home and will ensure your paperwork and insurance are in order. At this first visit, you can expect to:

  • Discuss your medical history with the doctor
  • Have a thorough examination
  • Learn about your condition and how we can help
  • Be adjusted and get relief

It is unlikely that we will need to take X-rays, but in the event we think it is necessary, we will refer you to a facility where you can have them taken quickly and easily. Generally this happens in cases where you have a traumatic injury and we need to have a closer look at your spine before we would feel comfortable adjusting you.

Ongoing Care

Any care you elect to receive will always be your choice. We aim to get patients out of pain quickly, and our goal with rehabilitation of injuries is always to educate you to participate with exercises at home and return for care as needed.

We find that patients who continue with care because they see the positive results in their health and life also continue to see improvement in their overall function and wellbeing over the course of their lives.

A chiropractic lifestyle is about keeping our spines and nervous systems healthy before there is an issue – because the nervous system is what controls everything in our bodies. It’s about eating well, choosing healthy habits, and taking an approach of caring well for our bodies before problems develop.

Making Care Affordable

If you choose to integrate chiropractic care into your life more regularly, rest assured we offer payment options beyond using your health insurance coverage exclusively. Depending on your insurance plan, our wellness plan may offer more savings to you.

Call (651) 735-1580 today with your questions about chiropractic care or to schedule an appointment.